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The Backup Software Solution for Home or Business. Quick and easy to use. Performs precision
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1 February 2011

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Keep the most secured, reliable and synchronized backup for your files and folders with Backup Wolf.
Every home and business users could get reliability in securing all their critical files and folders with this tool. The advanced technology of the tool allows rendering the fastest and easiest ways to backup your critical data. It will effortlessly make backups for files and folders on your hard drive. The other abilities of the tool are; it can perform full backups to create mirror image of your hard disk, add changes or newer files or folders to mirror images with incremental backup option, the Restore option can easily and instantly recover corrupted files or hard drive errors, easy to use interface, simple installation feature can start creating backup profiles instantly, backup across network drives, updates of old backups in seconds and much more.
The easy, fast and simple tool with power in its capabilities proves to be the best solution to defend your vital data.

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Backup Wolf Data Defender. The Backup Software Solution for Home or Business. Featuring state-of-the-art technology and an intuitive interface, this powerful software will protect you from data disasters and make the entire backup process effortless and quick. Create your Backup profile in minutes by selecting critical files and folders. Perform a Full backup to create a mirror image. Then simply use the "incremental backup option" to update new files and any files and folders that have changed since your last backup in only seconds! Quickly recover from file corruption or hard drive errors by selecting the Restore option. Backup Wolf will save you a remarkable amount of time and effort and give you the peace of mind of knowing your critical files are backed up and safe. Nothing is easier to use. The ability to perform backups in seconds means you'll no longer avoid or procrastinate backing up your files. Backup Wolf smashes the learning curve. Install the software and you'll be creating your backup profiles in minutes. Simply click on each window tab in sequence for each step in the process and you're finished. It's sophisticated backup software but designed for anyone that can find the power button on their computer! Easy to use Step-by-step design . Fast precision backups. Full and Incremental backup options. Backup across network drives. Updates old backups in seconds! This isn't rocket science...its just good programming! STOP Risking Your Data! DEFEND IT with Backup Wolf! FREE 30 Day Trial.
Backup Wolf
Backup Wolf
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